Denari Blockchain Compliance Suite

Denari Capital is currently funding a Blockchain Compliance Suite aiming to create compliance standards and commercial guidelines applicable to electronic payments based on blockchain technology. Our team of experts create and analyse incentive programs and blockchain governance structures in order to find dynamic solutions for integration with the traditional financial markets when needed and sustainable platforms for businesses operating completely detached from fiat currencies.

Denari Pre-Paid Credit Card Program

Denari Capital is now offering a Pre-Paid Credit Card Program designed to integrate Latin American banking systems and to improve the transaction costs structure of local entrepreneurs. Our program is suitable for any business including businesses functioning in countries with exchange currency controls. Our Pre-Paid Credit Card Program currently holds 12 licenses from different providers around the world allowing us to offer a global commercial expansion perspective. Our compliance team is ready to offer a free regulatory introduction to entrepreneurs interested in the electronic payments market and 7% of our program´s profit is donated to blockchain foundations around the world.

Denari Blockchain Online School

Denari Capital is actively seeking candidates willing to contribute in the creation of an open source platform designed to provide blockchain concepts, fundamentals, philosophy and legal education in Portuguese, English and Spanish featuring a reciprocal reward system that will allow writers and contributors to monetize their original work within the platform thru blockchain currencies and to create an intellectual property assets portfolio of their own.